Click here to Download the example workbook. Use this as your GST calculator. Follow along with the instruction. We'll also give you a 'completed' copy so that you can check your formulas against the completed copy. To find the total including GST simply add the two values together. In the example below B5 has been multiplied by 0. You can type either value into the formula and Excel will give you the correct answer. There are times when you only want to calculate the Total figure including the GST.

In the example below cell B12, which is the figure without GST exclusive figure is being multiplied by 1. This is extremely handy when you have a figure and you need to find how much GST is included in the Total figure.

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I use this a lot when I've purchased something for work and the receipt just shows the total figure without the GST figure. This formula contains two parts. First, multiply the GST inclusive amount by 3 and then divide this figure by In the video tutorial at the top of the page I take you step-by-step through each of the formulas listed above. Download the workbook and use it as your own GST calculator, or use it to follow along with the video.

The steps in the tutorial will work in Excel versions, andand Excel for Office Sharyn is an expert trainer. Sharyn Baines. Perfect for Beginners and for those who want to save time and work smarter. Learn how to move, copy and paste information in Excel.

Once you have mastered Cut, Copy and Paste you will find yourself shifting data around easily and reusing copied data, saving you the need to recreate the same information again.

All Windows applications have access to the Windows Clipboard. This is a special area used for. Learn how to add colour, borders and alignment settings to your Excel data to give your worksheet a more professional look and to make it easier for others to read. Skip to content. Using these formulas you should now be able to quickly find and calculate GST. Share 0. Tweet 0. If you enjoyed this you may also enjoy How to subtract in Excel. Set SharePoint to Classic View. Searching for and finding emails in Outlook.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. OK, I understand Privacy policy.Way back in the yearthe Atal Bihari Vajpayee government decided to employ a nationwide tax system. So far, there has had quite a significant aftermath on the country as a whole. The government had the vision to launch a tax scheme that could bring the entire nation under one taxation law and unify state economies by eliminating separate state taxes.

The main benefit of implementing GST was to subsume the different indirect taxes and replace them with one standard tax. Service tax, central excise, value-added tax VATentry tax, entertainment taxes, etc. Another advantage of implementing GST was that it reduced the cascading effect of filing multiple taxes on the taxpayer and considerably reduced the level of tax evasion and tax corruption.

The GST Portal is accessible to tax authorities to check records of every transaction while the taxpayer has access to view and file returns online. Registration on the GST Portal is a one-time affair. Its intention is to bridge the gap between the authorized tax agency and the common taxpayer.

The Goods and Service Tax Network GSTNserves as the backbone to the Portal and is what provides the computing power necessary to maintain this complex and sophisticated network online and to allow a hassle-free interaction between taxpayers and the Indian government. There is an abundance of services offered on the GST Portal to make the filing of your returns more straightforward, some of the most used services are listed below.

With the introduction of the GST Portal, several processes have been streamlined by converting from traditional paper documents into digital ones.

If you own a business that is registered under the GST, you need to issue a GST invoice when the supply of goods or services is made. The businesses registered under the composition scheme need to issue a Bill of Supply. Depending on the nature of your supply, these are the 3 types of invoices:. It is required only when the supply is done from within the state where the business is registered.

It is required only when the supply is done between 2 different states. IGST is collected on this invoice. According to the government, a tax invoice referred to in Section 31 shall be issued by the registered person and contain the following information.

Specifies the total billing amount to be paid by the customer. This section contains the signatures of the receiver and the accountant along with other remarks. The benefit of these Excel invoice templates is that you do not have to create your GST invoice from scratch.

gst bill format in excel with formula

There are links available online for downloading Excel templates for GST invoices and are free to use. The GST Invoice Format in Excel goes a step further, a precise formula is built in to Excel as a tool that can calculate the discount given and tax break-up.

In case the columns are not enough, you can easily edit any of the templates if necessary.

gst bill format in excel with formula

As a Quantitative Analyst at Citigroup, he worked on debt sales and trading before he joined Housing. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.If you are a taxpayer businessman or you run a company then you know the importance of GST billing. To generate GST bills you have to purchase tailored software for your company or business.

The best thing in Bharatbills software is no need to download you can use simply cloud based software and create invoices in Excel only. It is very easy to use, no need to get trained on or learn new software that has an In-built validation engine to help you make your invoices error-free.

And it works with any version of Microsoft Excel whether it isor It also helps to prepare a GST tax invoice format in excel for free which will save your time and money.

GST Invoice Format | Free Dynamic Excel sheet

BharatBills provide you fully free with multiple options to help the small business and entrepreneurs. It has a lot of new features.

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It is an all in one software whose features can be enabled and disabled according to the need of the organization. The finance module provides a report of general ledger, balance sheet, Profit and loss, etc. While The sales module provides a full tracking record of sales along with a full-fledged ERP workflow. Whereas the purchase module renders purchase order, Goods received note, etc. This is basically an Enterprise Resource Planning module that is interlinked with other modules.

It can be customized based on needs.

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In addition to this Bharatbills also helps you get manage Multi-Location Inventory, create fully GST invoices, print or email your proformas, flexible tax setup, fully customize reporting, manage recurring Invoice, payment reminder, bank transactions, accounting and more.

With the help of this software, the whole business accounting process can be easily simplified. This software has 3 packages for your Business — Free, Basic, and Standard you should go for the one which suits best for your business. BharatBills is lifetime free for the basic user and if you want more functionality then you can pay some amount.

Registration can be done for free just by clicking the try it free option. There are many small companies that use the free version of BharatBills. Bharatbills also helps you get to manage your business with many extreme features. The whole business accounting process can be easily streamlined.

You can get best GST Billing which is available for free online users, and BharatBills is lifetime free for basic user if you want more functionality then you can pay some amount. See for yourself how your business can become GST Ready, with our invoice that can suite your requirement. Recurring invoices and Reports can be generated just in a few clicks. Bharatbills is available at such an affordable price! We have 3 packages for your Business — Free, Basic, and Standard.

BharatBills is carefully designed software according to all business trades.This topic has been explained in great detail in the video shown below, to learn this topic just play the video and the notes are mentioned below the video.

Things to keepin mind while make a bill in the GST Tax system. Myebook has 's of free ebooks for you. On productivity, health, online income, learning, music and many more, it's free of course! Become an Excel Guru, Buy the best Excel course. For COD, Call At Makecv. This Excel Crash Course contains the list of topics that cover the most important and used features and formula of Excel.

This Excel Crash Course lists 43 major topics in Excel so that you can start using Excel like a pro in the shortest possible time. This Excel Shortcuts Complete list is to help you become save time and use Excel like a Master level user.

GST Invoice Format: Get GST Bill Format in Word, PDF and Excel

Excel is best used when you know the Keyboard shortcuts because the use of keyboard shortcuts in Excel helps you in completing tasks faster. I have created a Excel Shortcuts complete list for you to use Excel better, this list has excel keyboard shortcuts which means that it covers almost everything that can be done using shortcuts in Excel.

This is a complete alphabetical list of all the Formula in Excel with a description. You can learn all these formulas on www. Now easily convert numbers to Text in Excel with this inbuilt sheet from myelesson.

Many times we need the amount in figures to be converted into words. This is a typical requirement for writing checks or any other financial reports. Microsoft Excel does not have standard function available for this requirement.

Just download this sheet and then you can convert any number to text in Excel. Here is the list of most asked excel related questions in interviews. Prepare for this excel questions and you would be able to most of the excel interviews. This list of excel questions covers excel formula, excel analysis, excel reporting, excel charts and more.

Home Internet Skills Course. GST Invoice in Excel This topic has been explained in great detail in the video shown below, to learn this topic just play the video and the notes are mentioned below the video. Buy full Excel course.

How To Create GST Invoice In Excel -- Fully Automatic Invoice Template -- In Hindi

Our Other Services. Read Free Ebooks myeboook. Buy Excel Course myelesson. Yes I want this!By Sathish AR. Invoices are instruments that act as evidence of goods or services or both being sold by a business to its customers. These are the documents used by businesses to collect payments from buyers for the underlying sale transactions. Therefore, invoices contain details such as the goods or services sold, their quantity, price and terms of supply, tax applicable on such goods or services etc.

The GST law makes it necessary for registered taxpayers to issue invoices for the sale of goods or services. This is because the tax invoice not only enables the seller to collect payments, but also avail input tax credit under GST regime. Now, there are different types of invoices that are issued under the GST law.

These depend on various factors such as the type of the registered taxpayer, nature of goods or services supplied, payment terms etc. For instance, registered taxpayers supplying goods or services of value less than Rs. Since invoices are needed for purposes ranging from recording sales, collecting input credit, to protecting a business from fraudulent activities etc, these form an indispensable part of your business.

Hence, you must know the format and particulars that go into creating tax invoices so that you can create invoices correctly and undertake business transactions effortlessly. After putting the company logo and document heading, the next step is to enter your company details such as company name, address, zip code and GSTIN.

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Further, add other details like the purchase order number PO if any, invoice date, invoice number and invoice due date. Further, say your payment terms are Net 20, that is, 20 days from the bill date. To make your work easy and use this invoice as a template for future invoices, you can use formulas.

For instance, use the product formula if you have multiple SKUs and their prices. Say, you have to provide 50 units of an item at Rs. Towards the end of the invoice, provide your bank details, company PAN and space for your digital signatures. Here are the steps to create an invoice in Microsoft Word:. Say, you need a 6 by 14 table — that is the one having 6 columns and 14 rows. Adjust the size of each column as per the details to be included in a specific column.

Next, provide other details such as the invoice date, purchase order number and invoice due date. Once this information is provided, you need to put down your customer details. Since you will not be able to use formulas in Word, you will have to keep handy all the calculation and put the final figures in the respective sections.

Towards the end of the invoice, include your bank details such bank name, account number and IFSC code. Excel is outstanding when it comes to calculating almost everything. Formulas in Excel make calculations like tax amount, total taxable values etc really easy. Word too helps in creating customized invoices with its broad range of functions like inserting tables, merging cells, design functions etc.

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However, you need to be ready with the calculations and put them manually in Word. Both these tools might enable the medium and small business owners to create custom invoices, but these are not the ultimate ways of doing so. QuickBooks Online accounting software helps you create GST ready invoices anytime, anywhere within minutes.

Here are the areas where both Excel and Word fail to help you much with creating GST compliant invoices easily :. Word and Excel certainly enable business owners to create customized invoices. But these involve extra time and work. For instance, whenever adding different goods or services, you need to update the same in each invoice template.For the payment of GST, proper record keeping is necessary for accurate tax declarations.

Using accounting software helps greatly in record keeping. In Reach GST accounting software you can not only manage your accounting and auditing but all relevant actions like:.

The invoice which are issued by the assesse to their purchaser. These invoice no. There should be date of sales on which invoice will be issue. Then there will be details of seller and the commodity details amount of sales and tax amount. All the fields must be properly filled with correct entries. All the fields are important for the future references and should be taken note of while generating the invoice.

It is suggested, not to make mistakes while filling invoice date and due dates as the difference is that the invoice date is preparation date of the invoice while the due date is concerned with the payment of the invoice due.

So, be aware of the difference between both the dates and take precaution. It is mandatory to maintain the invoice serial number as for the future reference in case a taxpayer wishes to change the invoice format, he can inform the tax department along with the invoice serial number. These invoices are issued to assesse from their purchases. In these bills name of purchaser and GSTIN of the purchaser should be there so that the assesse can get there cenvat credit.

There are various difference between invoice date and due date as the major change is that the invoice date implies to the date when the invoice is generated on the bill book, while the due date is termed when the payment is due against the invoice. While in various cases the invoice serial number is also said to be important for the maintenance for some strict reasons.

Just as an example, if an invoice with serial number INV is issued, the format of the same must be maintained. It is directed that while filling invoice date and due dates is important be cautious as the difference is that the invoice date is preparation date of the invoice while the due date is concerned with the payment of the invoice due. So, be alert in case of entering GST due date and invoice date.

Excise is charged on capital goods which are used by the manufacturer during production. Under GST, excise on capital goods would be subsumed, as there will be just a single rate of tax for each type of goods. Removal of excise should bring relief to end consumer. GST would help in further reduction of total cost to the manufacturer as procurement cost would reduce due to better logistics. The amount of input tax credit reduced is merely an effect of the reduction in cost under GST.

Let us understand IGST with the help of this example:. This amounts to 37 returns in a year!

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But the beauty of the entire system is that one has to manually enter details of 1 return every month- GSTR The other returns will automatically derive information from the GSTR A composition dealer will file only 2 returns.

Note: All the returns do not apply to every tax payer. Please click the relevant return to know more about it. Karishma Abbas Hi, this is Karishma here, a commerce graduate with more than 10 years of work experience, the latest being a Global Financial Analyst with a Software company. Features to look for in a workshop software: From time to time a car needs servicing and fixing.

Your email address will not be published.Those businesses registered under the Composition Scheme will issue a Bill of Supply. A business has to issue an Intra-state invoice when the supply is done within the state in which the business is registered. When a supply takes place between two different states the business needs to issue an Inter-state invoice. The business needs to collect IGST on this invoice. Example: Goods sold by a business registered in Gujarat State to another business in Maharashtra State.

The government has defined some rules for issuance of GST Invoices. Subject to rule 7, a tax invoice referred to in section 31 shall be issued by the registered person containing the following particulars Source: www. Keeping in mind the rules we have created 10 different formats of invoice under the GST regime. All formats vary in terms of design, industry, calculation method, etc. Just enter a few details and the template will compute all the rest items for you.

gst bill format in excel with formula

Product-wise tax deduction section consists of multiple subheadings. You need to enter Sr. Signature Section consists of miscellaneous items like remarks, business greeting and Signatures of the receiver of the invoice and the accountant.

A person selling branded goods or goods with predefined MRP maximum retail price that is inclusive of taxes will require this GST Invoice format for selling goods on MRP inclusive of taxes. The header section consists of supplier details such as company name, logo, address, GST number, etc.

Billing summary consists of fields like Amount in words, Remarks, business greetings, company seal, authorized signatory, Invoice value, discounts, total taxable value, the grand total of the invoice, etc. Business needs to issue the invoice which carries such additional charges. So how will they be recorded? A simple way to avoid higher payment of tax, freight charges shall be borne by the recipient of the goods. If the delivery is different from the receiver then you can mention them manually in consignee details.

Billing Summary consists of the gross value with taxes, other charges freight, packing, insurance, etctax on these charges, and Net Payable Amount. Keeping this process of the transaction in mind, we have designed a GST invoice format for Jewellers in Excel.

Using this template you can issue the invoice to your retail customers. As this is a retail transaction where the invoice is issued directly to the customer, it belongs to the B2C category. Exchange details contain the same columns as Sales details. Only Discount is not applicable in exchange. As per GST law when there is the exchange of precious material there is no GST applicable as the customer is non-registered. Manufacturers outsource a major portion of their activities to Job Workers.

A job worker will then issue a tax invoice for that portion of activities which can be claimed by the manufacturer in Input Tax Credit ITC.

This template will be helpful especially to the textile industry and other manufacturing industries that involve job work process. Customer Details section consists of customer name, address, GST number, invoice number, place of supply, date and the delivery challan against which he has received the material for job work.

The manufacturer will issue a delivery challan to the job worker at the time of the movement of goods without tax to his location. Job work details section contains Sr.

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